Born in Plaistow, London Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, popularly known as 21 Savage started his career as an artist with ‘Picky’ his solo that was released in 2014. With the establishment of Slaughtergang with his Atlanta rapper and pal Lotto Savage, he officially started his career and became rap royalty within a few years.

The success story of this two-time Grammy nominee starts from the streets. In his lyrics, we could get a glimpse of his turbulent past that gives authenticity to his works. After the release of his mix tape in 2015, he got the opportunity to collaborate with the producer Metro Boomin in 2016 and got international attention with its singles X and No heart. Along with this, he was also able to guest feature on Drake’s single ‘Sneaking’ which enhanced his profile and boosted his popularity. With his debut album ‘Issa’, 2017, which featured Future and Cardi B, he was able to make it to the number 2 position on the billboard 200, making him more famous.

If you are wondering why Savage is so popular, you may listen to these albums to understand the reason. You may check the albums that are listed below to find top savage albums.

Issa Album

His first album Issa Album was realized in 2017 and was able to stick to the number 2 position on Billboard 200 and has received many positive reviews from critics. This is one such album that is trying to balance between the newfound fame and the real him and his rootedness. Even though we could see the pain or gruesomeness that has become an undertone of all the savage production, this song is struggling to put his pain and emotions into words.

I am> I was

He is trying to forget his pain with money and is revealing the freedom that this newfound money has given him. The tracks like “Bank account”, “Dead People”, and “Money Convo” are all acknowledging his newfound fame. As the debut album, even though it was lacking in many ways, the uniqueness and rawness of the album make it one of the best albums.

I am> I was

Even though the album was realized in 2018, when he was still a sophomore, it is still considered to be one of his best albums. Released after nearly one and half years of the debut of his first album Issa album,  this album gained a lot of attention as it featured numerous artists like J. Cole and Childish Gambino.

The title of the album, I was> I was is saying that I am greater than I was and it’s about how he improved himself. The opening track of the album “a lot” is a contemplation about the murder of his little brother and how it has affected his psychology. The album can be said to depict his traumatic past and his rebellious nature as seen in the song “break da law”. The other songs in the track like “letter 2 my momma”, “good day”, “all of my friends” and other irresistible tracks made 21 savages a rising star.

Listen to these albums of savage to learn why he is one of the most promising rappers that we have seen till now.

Top Savage Albums

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