According to the rock metal genre fans, it is considered the best of the bunch and is known to have a devoted fan base. Metal is interchangeably called heavy metal. It began ravishing the music world in the late 1960s and early 1970s, taking over the music work in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Since its birth, it has only taken an uphill road and introduced many bands and solo singers to the world, and honestly, the fans of this genre couldn’t have been more thankful!

If you’re wondering what the best metal bands are unforgettable even today, here is a special list curated for you!



The band was formed in 1990, and they have managed to release only four albums thus far. However, despite their minimal output and lack of the best singles, they have still managed to catch the eye of the audience and curate one of the highest cult audiences in the genre. They debuted with the album Undertow in 1992 and turned Lollapalooza into the under-sumber. Since then, their fan base has only grown to reach heights and developed three new albums. Since 2006, they have been known to release another album, and the fans are waiting for its release.

Judas Priest

The group was formed in England, and it took them an immense amount of time to reach the right audience and strike the right chord with them. In 1980, with the release of British Steel, they became one of the biggest metal bands in the UK. Although they had some lean years, they managed to bounce back harder in 2003.


This band has a stunning story of how it came into existence. Dave Mustaine was the lead and the most followed guitarist of the famous metal band Metallica. However, he was fired from the band due to clashes within the team and his extreme alcoholism. Since then, he decided to create a band to wipe out Metallica off the map. Although he could not replace Metallica, he created Megadeth, which gained a huge fan following and became one of the most potent metal forces in the early eighties. In 2010, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Metallica hit the streets and jammed to impress their audience.



It is a well-known fact in the music industry that the fans of Metallica love to complain. Irrespective of the popularity of the band or the type of album they release, the audience, especially their fans, have something to say. However, we do not have much to say about Metallica as it is almost like general knowledge of the metal genre of music. Despite the crazy critics, they still manage to pack every concert and every stadium they visit, which means the band is doing something right in all these years of hard work and dedication.

Unforgettable Metal Bands of All Times

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