Trash Metal hit the streets in the early eighties, considered a revelation in the music world. Many bands evolved during this era, like Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeath, Slayer, and many more, which worked on combining punk and classic metal styles. However, it was unimaginable for these names to become some of the best in the metal industry, dominating the other genres of music and conquering the music industry daily.

If you’re wondering what these songs helped increase the popularity of thrash metal songs, here is a list you should check out!

Battery by Metallica

Battery by Metallica is one of the best from the album; it packed everything required and loved by the audience into one song. Many audiences who loved the song stated that the introduction is a mood builder and creates an atmosphere of joy that can last forever. In addition, it adds the right amount of shot in the chorus and the perfect amount of the trash part, which are remixed together to make a fun song, which is quite addicting.

Holy Wars…The Punishment Due by Megadeth

The song has no riffs in its genre and is known to spread like wildfire since its release. According to its listeners, it is air-guitar cable, anthemic central, and provides a galloping riff, considered one of the best parts of the song and the entire trash metal genre. The crazy combination of the lead guitarist Marty Friedman and Mustain did wonders in creating a remarkable story of the horrors of the war. This emotional and real masterpiece stole many hearts and was the thrash metal genre’s most memorable song of the year.

Holy Wars

Master of Puppets by Metallica

If you’re a thrash metal fan, you must have heard the Master of Puppets. Metallica was always untouchable in creating masterpieces that were considered unforgettable epics of early trash metal. Master of Puppets was released in 1968, which smoothly drifted from being a saga to a chill-inducing and stunning climax. This golden age was remixed with classical music, which had synchronous guitar licks marked to be awe-inducing.

Slayer by Raining Blood

It is impossible to compare and create the beginning of slayer in any genre other than trash metal. It is a mix of the ravishing evil start and continues till the finish. It manages to wake up any fan and put a sense of rage and enthusiasm in them. According to listeners of the album, it is also like a speed-demon nightmare that is coming to life! With its crazy head-banging perfection and the purest form of thrash metal, it will continue to inspire many such songs in the future and raise the bar set for trash metal music.

Top Trash Metal Songs

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