After the long two years of the pandemic, it was becoming quite uneasy for people to go to theatres for watching films. However, after the suspension of the rules and regulations of masks and sanitisers, it can be believed that film releases this year are creating more optimism than the last dreadful year. Meanwhile, there are some albums which have become popular in recent times are listed chronologically according to their release date:

Canadian songwriter

Weekend Dawn FM

The songs of the Canadian songwriter the Weekend have a refreshing, aesthetic kind of refined flavor which sometimes seems a mixture of John Carpenter and A.Graham along with the blending of hip hop and elements of the modern genre. It depicts or underscores the mindset of helplessness and the journey of life through different phases. There are emotions which have been depicted and eventually depicted by black-veiled figures. In the song, there is a description that Weekend reaches for a white light which though resembles stairs, but suddenly it transforms into the lights over a nightclub which clearly indicates the narrator’s state of mind. The Weekend actually described the concept of purgatory through this album. There are four singles that are released on this album.

FKA Twigs, Caprisongs

Caprisongs is a song sung by the debut singer in the mix tape FKA Twigs and it was recorded during the isolation and solitude period of the pandemic. But it was released on 14th January 2022 and this is considered as a complete shift from her previous works and a move into the experimental genre. The album talks about the delightful story of rebirth which is found as a sharp contrast to her previous melancholic album. The name of the album is named after the pun on a popular drink and her astrological connection with the Capricorn sun.

Earl Sweatshirt, SICK!

The American rapper Earl sweatshirt has come up with her fourth studio album called Sick! And it was released on 14th January 2022. There were collaborations in the album with Zelooperz and Armand Hammer and consists of ten songs. It was being recorded in the initial phase of the pandemic and got its successive position during lockdown across the globe. Each and every song of the album comes with uniqueness and a dense piece of work. The song prominently portrays the problem between the perseverance as well as the frustrations during the struggling phase of the Covid 19 pandemic. This album has also received widespread acclaim from critics for the uniqueness of depicting isolation.

Beach House, Once Twice Melody

American pop singer duo Beach House has released the third chapter of the eighth studio album Once Twice Melody. Once twice Melody was released on 18th February 2022. The album has made proper use of an 85-minute run time to take the listeners to a surrealistic world with scenes of lovers. The song produces a fusion of pop and indie-rock jams for the first time.

To conclude, these were some of the few true songs, which in terms of subject matter and uniqueness were purely refreshment to the listeners.

The Best Albums of 2022

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