Savage Messiah is a famous London-based heavy metal band that was earlier formed in 2007. It comprises some of the famous names in the music industry, with the lead guitarist and vocalist Dave Silver. Along with Silver, other guitarists include Joff Bailey. Mira Slama, Carlos Alcalde De Lema, and a famous drummer named Charly Carleton.

History of Savage Messiah

As mentioned above, the band was formed in 2007 by Dave Silver, with their first debut released on October 1, 2007, named Spitting Venom. It was produced with the help of SMR Productions and was well received by the audience.

The band’s second album was released in 2009, featuring a Grammy-nominated producer, Chris Tsangaris, who helped them record their full-length album, Insurrection Rising. Since it features Scott Atkins, it helped in forming a long-lasting relationship between the singer and the band.

savage Messiah

After this album’s release, the band went on many tours and was also a part of many famous music festivals. Some of the shows in which they participated include:

  • Sylosis
  • Death Angel
  • Hellfire Festival
  • Five Finger Death Fund; and others

In August 2010, the band signed with Earache Records to go on worldwide tours and a multi-album deal.

Members of Savage Messiah

The members of the thrash metal band currently have five different lead artists and singers.

Dave Silver: He is the founder of the thrash metal band and is presently known for his lead vocals which have attracted millions of hearts over the years.

Mira Slama: He is a great bassist who joined the band in 2014 and is still an active member of the band.

Job Bailey -: He is the band’s lead guitarist who joined in 2011 and quit the band in 2015. However, due to personal reasons and the need for a sought-after band, he rejoined in 2019 and is now an active member.

Carlos Alcalde De Lema: He is a famous keyword player for the band who has accompanied its members since 2019 and is still helping them achieve great success by giving in fine tunes and keyboard assistance to the band.

Charly Carleton: He is a lead drummer and also a percussion player who joined the band in 2019 and is still going strong in providing the best.

Aside from the five lead members of the band, there are two supplementary artists – Ali Richardson and Dan Wilding for drums who joined them in 2017 and immediately left in 2018.


However, rumors are surfacing stating that they might rejoin the band during their subsequent world tour, or new members might be hired for the same.

Famous albums of Savage Messiah include

  • Insurrection Rising
  • Plague of Conscience
  • The Fateful dark
  • Hands of Fat
  • Demons
Savage Messiah – The Famous Metal Band

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