People who are not familiar with metal music, might not be familiar with Savage Messiah. This is an English heavy metal band that was formed in 2007 in London by the lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Silver. They came to the world of metal with their debut album Spitting venom which got a lot of positive feedback from the critics. From then on the band has embodied the real spirit of heavy metal in every album and has sucked the soul of all the legends of metal masters. This is even more evident in the band’s fifth album Demon.

The Demons are one such album of the band that delivers the fans a fresh new sound that will infect their ears and capture their heart. One thing that makes the album much different from their previous work is that it is produced by David Castillo who is known for his work with metals like Opeth and Soilwork.

What makes the album much special is that there is a personal undertone in the work. Dave Silver says that the album is very special to the band as it is reminiscing the works that they have done in the past and how they were very much sure that they will be able to take the band to new heights. The title of the album ‘Demons’ is pointing toward the story of the band. It is showing the challenges they face to pursue their career and goals. Through the album, the band is showing their struggle to capture the internal and external demons that discourage them and drown them in despair.


Through Demons, Silver and his bandmates are trying to take the band in a new direction. Their doubts, insecurities, growth, and maturing are listed in the album, making the album more personal than any other songs they have ever made. The album is a reflection of the worries and challenges that they faced in their career.

They have changed their approach completely by coming up with eleven high-quality tracks that gave them the winning formula. The album opens with “Virtual Signal” which sets the mode for the entire album. This track is followed by “what Dreams May Come” and “Heretic in the Modern World” which is followed by “Parachute”. Even though the band has maintained their rhythmic section, through these tracks Silver was able to showcase the melody of his vocals.

Other tracks in the album, like “Down and Out” and “The Lights Are Going Out” show another side of the band as we could see a touch of metal balladry. The intricate guitar work that is intertwined with the melody shows the development of the band. But if you are thinking that the band has changed its style, then you are completely wrong. The next track of the album “The Bitter Truth” again picks up the pace and gives you a wild ecstasy. The wonderful catchy chorus, its frantic pace, extremely speedy guitar, and amazing track will make everyone go berserk. The change in the pace of the songs shows the varied emotions and different facets that each of the band members possesses. So, listen and add all these tracks of Savage Messiah to your collection to get a  taste of heavy, trashy metal songs.

SAVAGE MESSIAH Debut “The Bitter Truth”

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