Saddle up friends, and make sure you’re making plans to head over to Northern Germany with us this Summer.

As everybody knows, Wacken is more than just another Metal Festival; some even call it the Heavy Metal Glastonbury. A truly unique event that manages to sell in excess of 100K tickets each year before a single band is even announced!

For Savage Messiah it was always a major goal to be invited to play at Wacken, so we’re unbelievably stoked to Announce that we’ll be making our SECOND appearance at the festival, 2019 Edition.

We’ll be well into our DEMONS album cycle by then, so there’ll be no excuse for not being in the pit, at the front (or even at the back) singing along with us and enjoying a truly remarkable celebration of Heavy Metal with 100’s of other incredible metal artists.

The Festival is of course, long sold out; but if you’d like to head over here to the Wacken Website for news and info, then please do.

So, we look forward to seeing all of our friends at Wacken, and until then, horns raised and we’ll see you there!