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Hellfest 2018 📸 Les Photos de Mr Crash

Hellfest 2018
📸 Les Photos de Mr Crash

EMM: How much have your friends and families played a part in your career so far?

DAVE: I’d say they’ve played a very large role, from the early days of being encouraged to pursue music right up until now having to deal with the unpredictability of a musician’s schedule and all the other assortment of general hassle that it must be, especially for our girlfriends.


EMM: When did you decide that a career in music was for you?

DAVE: I decided when I was about 13 years old that I was going to do music and nothing else.


EMM: Who are your musical inspirations and why?

DAVE: There’s literally too many to put down, I’ve been inspired by so many different artists. The cool thing with music generally is that there’s always new stuff to discover and find inspiration from, even if it’s old music, there’s just a seemingly endless amount of things out there waiting to be found.


EMM: Can you tell me 3 things about yourself that people might not already know?

DAVE: I live in Italy, I haven’t drunk alcohol in 10 years and I used to be pretty good at Skateboarding when I was 14!


EMM: What song of yours best describes you and why?

DAVE: Minority of one! – I’ve always felt that sense of individualism, I’ve never been someone who runs with the pack, I like being on my own and being left alone!


EMM: What has been the best gig you have done to date and why?

DAVE: Loud Park Festival at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, it was the biggest show we’d done at the time in front of about 25,000 and it blew my mind looking out in front of all those people.


EMM: If you could perform a gig at any venue where would it be and why?

DAVE: Hammersmith Apollo would be pretty cool, just for the prestige and the history, so many great artists have played there and many legendary concerts are attached to the venue.


EMM: What has been your best achievement to date and what would like to achieve in the future?

DAVE: I think really just surviving as a band, in and of itself, that is an amazing achievement in 2018. Every year we’ve gotten a bit bigger, and a bit bigger and now we’ve started to break into the European Festival circuit which is amazing, getting to play places like Wacken, Hellfest, Graspop, Download etc…it’s a great position to be in. We intend to just keep growing really, our career trajectory has always been a solid 45 degree upward trend, so if we just keep going like that then the future looks awesome!


EMM: Tell me a story from backstage or after a gig?

DAVE: Actually this comes from the above mentioned show in Tokyo. I remember going into catering and everyone had sat down with their food, but I was sort of milling about at the buffet, sort of a bit confused. I remember feeling someone staring at me intensely, so I turned around only to be face to face with Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. I remember him saying to me “oh, you’re going that way…” as I sort of excused him out of my way…I think as it turns out I was going round the buffet backwards!


EMM: What do you like best about being a musician and why?

DAVE: I enjoy the travelling, getting to visit different parts of the world has always been a major attraction, and we’re lucky enough to have been able to play in 23 countries across 3 continents. That and also the performance side of it, playing music in front of people and watching their reactions is a thrill.


EMM: If you were not in the job you are now what would you be doing?

DAVE: I’ve never really thought about that! When I was starting out, and still in high school, people would always talk about a backup plan and a plan B…and I never understood that, I’m an all or nothing person, and the idea of not doing what I’m doing now is totally unimaginable to me.


EMM: What has been the best gig you have been to as a fan and can you tell us about it?

DAVE: Iron Maiden at Brixton academy back in March 2002 I think it was?


EMM: What would your ideal festival line up be and why?

DAVE: I’d love to see a festival where loads of the really classic bands played, a single day event with Metallica, Maiden, Priest, Megadeth, Sabbath etc…I think that would be mind blowing, especially as technically it’s still not impossible!


EMM: What would you say is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

DAVE: Drink plenty of water and be chivalrous to women.


EMM: What things make you happy and what things annoy you?

DAVE: I’m pretty chilled out about most things to be honest, I like to go with the flow, that definitely makes me happy. I tend to get annoyed when people don’t communicate properly or when people are running late.


EMM: What things do you like to do when you are away from music?

DAVE: I like to just be at home with my family really, I have a one year old daughter, and as much time as I can possibly spend with her the better.


EMM: Do you think social media and the internet are a good thing in the music industry and how do you cope with using social media to build a profile in music?

DAVE: I think it’s good and bad, it’s a great way to give people immediate information, so on the one hand it could seem easier to promote your band or record. But then again, with so many records being promoted I think it’s significantly shortened the life span of an album, 3 months after release, it’s yesterdays news. It also creates a whole other myriad of problems for younger artists in that it gives you a real struggle in terms of standing out from everyone else.


EMM: How important do you think you look and image is when it comes to being in the music industry?

DAVE: I think it’s pretty important, you want a look that harmonises with the music that you’re playing, it’s all about connecting with an audience and often people are first attracted to even listening to a band based on how the music is presented to them.


EMM: Can you tell us about any tattoos have and the significance of them to you?

DAVE: I have no tattoos! But not having tattoos is significant to me, especially as so many people in the heavy metal world do.


EMM: If you run the country for a day what would you change about it and why?

DAVE: Oh man…I’d immediately disband the entire apparatus of government! Then I’d outlaw the practice of central banking, then I’d get out of the way and let people get on with it.


EMM: What would your ideal day consist of?

DAVE: Wake up, drink water with salt in it, 30 minutes on exercise bike, eat a high fat breakfast, play with my daughter for a bit, answer emails, go out to the park, take a few calls, play guitar for a bit, hang out with my daughter a bit, insanity work out, dinner, watch a movie, go to bed, repeat.


EMM: If you could say one thing to your fans what would it be and why?

DAVE: Maybe it’s a cliché, but I’d honestly just say thank you. We’re always super happy to meet people at shows and hang out, and I’m always grateful to people who support us.


EMM: How would you answer the questions who are Savage Messiah?

DAVE: We’re a heavy metal band, 4 guys who started out as fans of metal, and then had the insane idea to chase the dream of being in a band. We’re totally normal in that sense, there’s no rockstar, prima donna attitudes here, just people who like music.


EMM: Can you tell me one thing about each member that people might not already know?

DAVE: Sam is a first generation Brit to Iranian Immigrant parents and he can speak fluent farsi. Mira is an actual jester, who occasionally tours Eastern Europe performing in like a circus type thing where he juggles and breathes fire.


EMM: What was the first record or song you purchased and why?

DAVE: Iron Maiden Best of the Beast. I had found these old VHS tapes called Metal XS and there was a feature on Iron Maiden on one of them. It was around the time the band where recording No Prayer for the Dying, so the VHS was from about 1990, but anyway something about Maiden really struck a chord with me so I went out and got Best of the Beast, and became a hardcore Maiden fan thereafter!


EMM: What would say to someone thinking about becoming a musician and getting into the music industry?

DAVE: Go for it, chase it with everything you’ve got and most importantly remember to enjoy it!


EMM: If you could collaborate with any other band/singer or musician who would you choose and why?

DAVE: Right now I’d say Chris Stapleton, he’s a country rock singer, but he’s written loads of hits for other people and he’s an artist that I really respect.


EMM: If you could have written one song from history which would it have been and why?

DAVE: There’s so many! But I really like the song Ghost Train by Marc Cohn


EMM: What things make you uncomfortable?

DAVE: London Tube trains when they stop in the tunnel, especially the Jubilee line!


EMM: If you wrote a book about yourself what would it have in it?

DAVE: It’d probably have about 3 sentences, because I’d definitely get bored and/or distracted trying to write a book about myself!


EMM: What has the rest of year got in store for you?

DAVE: We’re hitting the studio very soon to start writing, and other than that we’re planning some touring for the back end of the year which looks pretty exciting!

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