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Metal Hammer Germany give our new album 'Hands of Fate' 6/7!

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How did that go with the statement "All killer, no filler"? A surprising example of the successful fulfilment of this eternal claim are Savage Messiah with their first work on Century Media: The English were once known for impetuous Thrash, but focus with their fourth album HANDS OF FATE has now shifted to anthemic Heavy Metal. A wise decision because the group succeeds in what many other bands fail: Classical metal pieces with punch, riffs and refrain, which irrevocably set themselves in the brain upon first listen, and with their epic-melodic percussion side provoke earworms on each track. This starts with the catchy opener of 'Hands Of Fate' and 'Wing And A Prayer', but Savage Messiah is heading for 'Lay Down Your Arms', but is developing like 'Fearless' Ballad; the unquestionable hit is 'Solar Corona' which is a pure sing along and then the gloomy uncompromising beginning of 'Eat Your Heart Out'. Vocalist David Silver, who's voice is now settled between Dave Mustaine and Jon Bon Jovi, creates exciting friction and fits harmonically into the over 50-minute overall picture, which can not be blurred even by slower phases like in 'Last Confession'. Savage Messiah were definitely never a bad band - but now it is a real pleasure to listen to them and hopefully see them live.

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