Bravewords Review of 'Hands of Fate'

Bravewords give our new album 'Hands of Fate' a 8.5/10 review! 

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London’s Savage Messiah, led by vocalist/guitarist David Silver, takes a slightly different approach to the thrash genre. The band possesses more of an accessible, melodic metal sound compared to its more retro-thrashier peers. Savage Messiah takes its musical cue from Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, modern day Testament and most notably later-era Megadeth. I’ve always like David Silver’s raspy wail, and he hits all the right notes on the band’s fourth full-length album Hands of Fate. Savage Messiah seamlessly blend its old-school influences with a fresh and modern sound. Silver’s songwriting has improved with each release by taking on a more streamlined and tight structure.  

Opener and title track is a polished, Judas Priest meets Megadeth-influenced tune, decorated with melodic, Middle Eastern elements. “Wing And A Prayer” is the album’s shortest track at 3:36, allowing the concise and memorable chorus to stick with you after its climactic ending. The anthemic “Blood Red Road” contains an infectious, chant-able chorus, while the Judas Priest ‘Electric Eye”-infused “Lay Down Your Arms” is equally memorable. “Solar Corona”’s oddly-catchy chorus makes me want to drink a cold Corona, while “The Last Confession” lays on the thick Testament/Megadeth/Death Angel ballad-esque comparisons during the chorus. “The Crucible” and “Eat Your Heart Out” shows off the band’s more thrashier side, while closer “Out of Time” builds nicely and ends with a crescendoed climax. The production is pretty decent, except in some parts there’s a noticeable rumble with the heavy low end parts, maybe it’s just my speakers. On Hands Of Fate, Silver & Co. have focused more on its songwriting… and it shows. Savage Messiah has reached new heights here.

Kelley Simms
Rating: 8.5

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