After 3 intense weeks of guitar tracking down at Grindstone studios in Suffolk we've now completed principle rhythm guitars for all songs on the new album!

The guitar tone is sounding massive thanks to the installation in a few of the guitars of Seymour Duncan blackout pickups, creating a roaring guitar tone that's going to claw its way out of your speakers when this is out!

As always, under the watchful eyes of our long time producer Scott Atkins, the studio provides a perfect environment for objectively scrutinizing every riff and lead line, and sure enough every part of each song on this record have been put under the microscope and honed to their fullest potential.

Having recorded Andrea's drums live in Rockfield has also helped truly capture the energy of the band, which became very apparent as the wall of guitars started to be laid down. So far this album is pure vibe! and we are truly excited about releasing it to the world.

Next up it's Mira Slama's turn to lay down his bass tracks before we're off for our debut show in the USA! 

Stay tuned!