Exactly 4 weeks after the show with Testament at Brooklyn Bowl in London, We were the main support to Armored Saint at The Underworld in our hometown.

Savage Messiah [9/10] After witnessing this four-piece a few weeks ago at The Brooklyn Bowl, North Greenwich as support for the might Testament, I was eager to see them for a second time. 
They certainly didn’t disappoint, exploding on to the stage with an avalanche of insanely fast and heavy riffs, drums, and piledriving bass lines as Cross Of Babylon begins. It’s immediately apparent that this band is going to be difficult to beat as the tempo increases with the arrival of the blazing Hellblazer … The floor is now virtually full and the heat rises throughout the venue. Just when you thought the music was heavy, frontman and lead guitarist, Dave Silver, subsequently announces, “this is a song to bang your head to!” … And you know exactly what’s coming next … The truly epic title track from third album The Fateful Dark. What ensues is a sea of headbanging bodies throughout the entire venue, including yours truly! Absolutely awesome! That’s all I can say. The riffs from Dave and fellow lead guitarist, Sam S Junior, rip the venue a new one. The drums of Andrea Gorio and bass of Mira Slama deal out severe, unrelenting punishment as Savage Messiah plough through the remainder of a 40-minutes set.

It’s a set of non-stop Heavy Metal with additional speed. The twin guitars are superb with screaming solos and punishing riffs, which certainly gets the blood pumping faster! Dave’s vocal display is, again, superb and includes moments of truly outstanding soaring melodies. The fans lap it up, responding to the set which includes other favourites such as Scavengers Of Mercy,Minority Of One, and finishing with the brilliant Insurrection Rising. We’re also treated to a new, untitled number, which will be the title track of a new, upcoming album. What an absolute treat! I can’t wait for that to drop. What an epic set by these local lads. 

The band setlist was:

  1. Cross Of Babylon
  2. Hellblazer
  3. The Fateful Dark
  4. (The band performed a new song, title TBA soon)
  5. Scavengers Of Mercy
  6. Zero Hour
  7. Minority Of One
  8. Insurrection Rising

Review by Chris Palmer, MetalgodsTV