Hey Friends, this is Dave writing here.

First of all, sorry that we slacked on the old content and running of the fan club…honestly we got totally overwhelmed over the past 6 weeks. It was a real rollercoaster of a time with plenty of highs and a couple of lows, but mostly highs!

Now we’re back from tour and able to pick up the pieces, we can finally get this all back on track - so cheers for signing up and sticking with us! we truly appreciate it.

So, I’m guessing a few of you are interested in knowing what went down on tour? thankfully I can tell you that it was pretty badass - I don’t think the band has ever sounded this good and we’ve certainly never had this much fun. Conditions were pretty grim, owing to a spot of bad luck at the start of the tour our regular sleeper bus was unavailable so we did things old school. That’s right - 47 days in a crew van, and my word was it tough. We had hotels most nights, but occasionally the drives where so intense we had no choice but to sleep in the van. I managed to fathom a makeshift sleeping area (can’t really call it a bed) by wedging myself in the footwell - hey, it wasn’t the Ritz, but it worked out.

The shows were varied - starting on a cruise ship - a wonderful experience. If you’ve ever sat there and thought “a heavy metal cruise? - bollocks to that!” I recommend that you reconsider - I mean sure, it seems a bit expensive, but really for the price of admission everything is included, and the quality of the Full Metal Cruise really takes some beating. The first show we did was on the pool deck and it was really windy so it proved a hell of a challenge, watching YouTube videos back though and I’m proud of our performance. Bare in mind it was our first show for the new line up, the weather was abysmal, it was our first show using our new in ear monitor rigs and Kemper amps, a 20 minute changeover and we had to follow multi platinum US rock band Ugly Kid Joe. Now, whether or not they’re your cup of tea is one thing, it’s undeniable that they’ve got their shit together oh and our agents and manager where stood on the balcony watching the whole thing - no pressure. I think we nailed it though, and despite the terrible wind and threat of rain, we left the stage happy.

Here’s a clip of zero hour for ya:

After the cruise it was back to Albion’s land (England…) for 3 headline shows to plug our album Demons. I really enjoyed these shows, the turn outs where strong and it’s always a pleasure to connect with our UK fans.

Then we had a few days to recover before heading off to Lyon to join up with Symphony X.

We’ve done loads of support tours now, so I pretty much knew what to expect and I’d say things ran more or less in accordance with how I figured it would. Honestly, we never really broke the ice with the Symphony guys which is a shame…but hey, it’s not friends reunited, it’s serious business out there and we knuckled down and concentrated on playing to our absolute best and winning those fans. I think it’s fair to say we expanded the audience considerably and had some really memorable shows; Milan, Hamburg, Helsinki, London and Paris standing out particularly in my mind. We had some great over night stays too, like the log cabins in Sweden near the Norwegian border. When we turned up there was a group of Latvian’s, kinda rough looking, they came over and were friendly, but a bit weird until they realised David P is a Russian, they liked us then and even offered him a job on a building site! My personal favourite was the farm house near Hamburg, that place was rad, we took a walk into the countryside until Mira and DP scared us all with talk of tics. First of all he says “be careful of tics, they can cause paralysis, brain damage and even death…but it’s nothing to worry about” - I mean…I don’t know how things are in Czech (where Mira lives) but all those things are cause for concern where I come from!…

That’s enough of my ramblings for now…next up we head to Wacken and I’m looking forward to announcing more tours for the rest of the year and beyond!



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