When we got booked to open for Amon Amarth, we knew that meant big venues, and when you play big venues you have to look “big”, so we asked Peter Sellai to design a simple but pretty effective stage set. Amon Amarth were one of the coolest bands to tour with, they let us do pretty much whatever we wanted (some headliners tend to place restrictions on the opener especially when it comes to stage production etc…). That attitude taught us a really cool lesson; and that is when you’re a bona fide headliner such as they are; you don’t need to pull stunts on the support bands to headline, you get up there and put on an incredible show…end of story…and that’s what makes a true headline band.

The last time we ever used this stage set was at Prog Power USA in Atlanta, GA before we “rebranded”. It now lives in our rehearsal/storage unit in Czech.