Insurrection Rising



Track listing:

  1. Insurrection Rising
  2. Corruption X
  3. In Absence of Liberty
  4. The Serpent Tongue of Divinity
  5. Vigil of the Navigator
  6. Enemy Image (Dehumanization)
  7. Silent Empire
  8. The Nihilist Machine
  9. He Who Laughs Last


Produced by Chris Tsangarides

Engineered & Mixed by Scott Atkins

Artwork by Marcelo Vasco

Recorded at The Ecology Rooms, Deal, England & Grindstone Studios, Suffolk, England


Candlelight Records © 2009

All songs published by Abstract Sounds Ltd © 2009 




Insurrection Rising was the first full length album recorded by the band, and would also be the first Savage Messiah record to receive a professional worldwide release on a credible heavy metal label.

The songs where mostly written at the now sadly defunct Station Studios in New Southgate, London during the second half of 2008. Encouraged by the positive response to the self financed EP "Spitting Venom" the band set about to write an energetic thrashy record with plenty of nods to classic metal.

In around October of 2008 the band had approached renowned, Grammy nominated producer Chris Tsangarides about the possibility of a collaboration. Famed for his work on seminal records such as "Painkiller" by Judas Priest, it seemed like a long shot, however much to the surprise and excitement of the band Chris accepted the offer and plans where hastily put in place to begin recording at his Ecology Rooms Studio in Deal, UK.

Whilst still unsigned at the time, the original plan had been to record only 5 songs with Chris and use the resulting material to shop for a deal, to then return and complete material for a full album upon signing a record contract.

As luck would have it, before the band had even completed the recording of a single song, a firm offer had come in from Candlelight Records whom having heard "Spitting Venom" on the band's myspace page had decided to sign the group.

This freed up the necessary funds to be able to record a full length album, so upon completing the first round of recording the band left the studio with confidence and excitement returning a few weeks later to finish the recording.

However, all did not entirely go to plan, unhappy with the resulting mixes the band approached up and coming producer Scott Atkins to re-mix the effort. Scott accepted the job with the strict caveat that he would only re-mix the album if both guitar players were willing to entirely re-record all their parts feeling that the previous performances had lacked the necessary quality. The band agreed and so it was off to Scott's studio in Suffolk for a grueling week of intense guitar playing, rebuilding each song from the ground up.

Scott pulled out all the stops and the resulting album is a powerful heavy metal record that definitely helped garner the band some attention. Well received in the press, songs from this record even made it onto Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson's Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio 6. The band would tour throughout Europe with Overkill in support of this album as well as play shows with bands such as Death Angel, Sylosis, Gama Bomb, Evile and more.