Love and romantic songs provide a different feeling of joy and oneness, which is challenging to fetch for in other songs. From ballads to metal, although the evaluation of music has grown to a great extent, people still prefer listening to classic love songs to improve their mood.

If you are looking for the best love songs to add to your playlist, this article contains the list.

This magic moment – Drifters

It is a great song that stands out from the lot, written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman. It is a glorious cinematic song comprising lovely shots of a first kiss, a great screenplay, and beautiful swirling strings.

Ellie Goulding

Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding

The song is co-written by Max Martin and Tove Lo, a Swedish singer who, along with singer Ellie Goulding created this addicting masterpiece in 2015. It became a love anthem in many parts of the world. The distinctive, shallow voice, followed by scenes from The Fifty Shades of Grey, set a new standard to love and romantic songs.

Unchained Melody –Righteous Brothers

It is a mushy song with corny trappings and emotional manipulation, which makes perfect sense when it touches the listeners’ ears. The song has received massive positive feedback, and people worldwide have made this their caller’s tunes.

Slow Show – The National

This band is best known for creating pieces with extensional emotions of anxiety, which means they’re miles away from creating lovey-dovey songs. However, Slow Show is a track from the 2007 Boxer album that adds a sensual touch to their song and makes it highly romantic. The video shows Frontman Matt Berninger waiting for his soulmate and identification with simple precision, who he has been waiting for 29 years.

Let’s stay together – Al Green.

This is a 1971 song that articulates the vows of marriage. The song is sung by Al Green which gives it wings to fly higher and touch the vast extension of love. The song was a soo given a new lease of life when it was featured in Pulp Fiction. Barak Obama also sang it in 2012 at a fundraiser event.

God only Knows – Beach Boys

This song is an inspiration from the 1963 song by Phil Secot called Be my baby. Apparently, he kept listening to the song on repeat 100 times. Precisely three years down the lane, the Beach Boys created this masterpiece to surpass the former. Since its release, it has been considered a classic curveball with a fantastic transformation into its romantic verse.

Something – Beatles

It was the first song written by George Harrison as a Beatles single. He rightly captured the triumph of infatuation, which quickly became the second most covered song of the Beatles and gained worldwide popularity post its release.

Best Love Songs to Add to Your Romance Playlist

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