21 Savage is a renowned rapper/singer and music writer who has gained worldwide popularity for his music.  He is famous for making music in many genres like hip hop, trap, gangster rap, and horror. He began his debut in 2012, and since then, his name has been announced many times in award functions and ceremonies. If you’re a fan of singers and looking for the best albums, this article is for you!


Savage Mode

According to many critics, this album, released in 2016, is one of the best mixtapes of 21 savage, which introduced him to the limelight and the attention he receives today. It was also considered one of the best underground releases, which inspired all music artists and rap lovers. However, the singer has known a life of nothing but violence. His fans thank the Metro Bloomin production, which helped them gain access to this wonderful masterpiece from 21 Savage.

Savage Mode II

This album is a worthy opponent of its very own album, which gave the hip-hop world a drastic turn with the introduction of this album in 2020. However, it offers ruthless entertainment with the golden collaboration with Metro Boomin, which works on different levels for the listeners. According to critics, they have created the perfect equal, which craves its distinctive identity.

Without Warning

This is another collaboration between Metro Boomin and 21 Savage, released in 2017. It provides a perfect balance of lyrics, music composition, and the general way it is sung to keep all the listeners hooked to their seats. This mixed tape was released on Halloween eve. It was also recorded as the most enjoyable song in 2017, which kept no listeners behind.

I am > I was

This is one of the most-heard songs and the most loved album of 21 savages thus far. In the album, he portrays himself as a mature person who attempted to reconcile with his personal and musical side, which is portrayed to the world. 21 Savage is the second most promising rapper in Atlanta, who proved his worth with the release of this solo album in 2018.

Free Guwop

Although not so popular, it is still worth a mention in the list as it also sets different levels on how music should be made and perceived in this musical world. This album was released in 2015, and according to statistics, his songs have seen a massive increase in the standard and the quality of lyrics.

Free Guwop

Slaughter king

The album’s top three songs: Lord Forgive me, Wow, and No Peace is, among the best-rated ones from the album, which gained the right amount of popularity after the slaughter tape released in 2015. Overall, it is a good attempt at the early introduction of rap to the world.

Best Albums of 21 Savage

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