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English heavy metal group Savage Messiah was established in London in May 2007. Guitarist and
main vocalist Dave Silver founded the group, which also includes guitarists Joff Bailey,
Mára Sláma,Carlos Alcalde De Lema, and Charly Carretón on drums.

SAVAGE MESSIAH – The Fateful Dark

Enjoy some heavy metal beats and get groovy
to enliven the party.

Our Artists

Dave Silver - Guitars & Vocals

Experience the magical vocals of our lead singer and crazy good guitarists.

Joff Bailey - Guitars

Groove to the exciting guitar beats of the metal.

Mira Slama - Bass

The best bass guitarist in town to groove to.

Andrea Gorio - Drums

The fantastic guitarist is here to get you into the heavy metal mood.


New wave of UK heavy metal BAND

They are making history with the number of viewers online and at the converts. Do
listen to their music to witness this new wave in heavy metal.


Check out their latest music here.

Hands Of Fate

One of their maiden albums, it has garnered thousands of fans.


Unleash your inner party animal with this latest album.

Plague Of Consceince

This is a fun album with intense metallic music intensity.


Savage Messiah – The Famous Metal Band

Metal Band

Savage Messiah is a famous London-based heavy metal band that was earlier formed in 2007. It comprises some of the famous names in the music industry, with the lead guitarist and vocalist Dave Silver. Along with Silver, other guitarists include Joff Bailey. Mira Slama, Carlos Alcalde De Lema, and a famous drummer named Charly Carleton.

History of Savage Messiah

As mentioned above, the band was formed in 2007 by Dave Silver, with their first debut released on October 1, 2007, named Spitting Venom. It was produced with the help of SMR Productions and was well received by the audience.

The band’s second album was released in 2009, featuring a Grammy-nominated producer, Chris Tsangaris, who helped them record their full-length album, Insurrection Rising. Since it features Scott Atkins, it helped in forming a long-lasting relationship between the singer and the band.

savage Messiah

After this album’s release, the band went on many tours and was also a part of many famous music festivals. Some of the shows in which they participated include:

  • Sylosis
  • Death Angel
  • Hellfire Festival
  • Five Finger Death Fund; and others

In August 2010, the band signed with Earache Records to go on worldwide tours and a multi-album deal.

Members of Savage Messiah

The members of the thrash metal band currently have five different lead artists and singers.

Dave Silver: He is the founder of the thrash metal band and is presently known for his lead vocals which have attracted millions of hearts over the years.

Mira Slama: He is a great bassist who joined the band in 2014 and is still an active member of the band.

Job Bailey -: He is the band’s lead guitarist who joined in 2011 and quit the band in 2015. However, due to personal reasons and the need for a sought-after band, he rejoined in 2019 and is now an active member.

Carlos Alcalde De Lema: He is a famous keyword player for the band who has accompanied its members since 2019 and is still helping them achieve great success by giving in fine tunes and keyboard assistance to the band.

Charly Carleton: He is a lead drummer and also a percussion player who joined the band in 2019 and is still going strong in providing the best.

Aside from the five lead members of the band, there are two supplementary artists – Ali Richardson and Dan Wilding for drums who joined them in 2017 and immediately left in 2018.


However, rumors are surfacing stating that they might rejoin the band during their subsequent world tour, or new members might be hired for the same.

Famous albums of Savage Messiah include

  • Insurrection Rising
  • Plague of Conscience
  • The Fateful dark
  • Hands of Fat
  • Demons

Irreplaceable Drummers of All Times


Drummers aid in making music a world-renowned hit and get your hands and feet moving left and right to their beats.

Drummers are often known to get blended in the band while performing on stage, while the lead vocalists and guitarists steal the show. However, despite this, many drummers have managed to stand out and make a mark for themselves, giving the entire team metronomic support.

If you’re wondering who those drummers are, here is a list of some of them you can learn more about!

Alex Van Halen

Alex Van Halen

He is best known for churning out some fantastic grooves and was also responsible for bringing the world of rock and roll and disco back to life from the brink of extinction. His popularity increased with one of his singles, Light Up The Sky, and there was no turning back. Over the course of their career, he gave many unforgettable albums, showcasing his drumming abilities and some iconic song openings.

Must hear: Hot for Teacher

Chad Smith

Chad Smith’s drumming abilities were responsible for taking a band called Red Hot Chili Peppers band to transcend into a fully-fledged band producing rock icons in 1988. The band also included a lead guitarist, John Frusciante, who created wonders on stage along with Smith. One of their most famous albums was ‘Give It Away,’ which hit the right notes and made listeners sway their heads to the beats.

Must hear: Can’t Stop

Danny Carey

Danny Carey is a famous drummer from Toll’s band. He is a big man, 6 foot and five inches tall, who can make his presence known physically and by his drumming abilities. He is also known as an icon in progressive rock with a modern-day twist. His hard-hitting drum patterns have helped him establish himself as one of the most renowned metal drummers of all time.

He also specializes in power-hitting grooves and mandala soundscapes, considered unique and catchy.

Must hear: Pneuma

Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy needs no introduction, as he is considered the world’s best drummer with exceptional progressive metal skills. He co-founded his band in 1985 and spent 25 years raising the name of the band and enhancing his skill, making him an industry best for prog-metal. He was influenced by bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Iron Maiden. Being a drummer was like an academic pursuit as he completed the music scholarship at Berklee College of music. Portnoy has amazed his audience with the release of some of the best nu bars like The Dance of Eternity and Constant Motion, which has also managed to remain an inspiration to many future artists.

Must Hear: Constant Motion

Famous Guitarists of all Times

Famous Guitarists

A guitar is an instrument that needs no prior introduction. Not only is it one of the most sought-after instruments alone, but it is also a great aid in a band, which adds an ability to create great acoustic tunes abs soothing rhythms.

Many guitarists have come and gone over the last few decades, but it is essential to know that only a few have left a mark in the audience’s minds. These artists are famous for their performances, both solo and in a band, from jazz to hard rock and many other genres. So if you wish to know about the most famous and best guitarists of all time, read ahead to find out!

Brian May – Queen

Brian May is one of the most famous and iconic members responsible for founding the iconic band Queen. Aside from being the most famous Guitarist, he is also well-known as a songwriter and a stage performer. He is still considered one of the most influential people who still work in rock bands alongside Roger Taylor (drummer) and Adam Lambert.

Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix was considered one of the prominent figures in the history of music and guitar. After borrowing his first acoustic guitar from his father, Hendrix joined his first musical group, Velvetones. Generally, other guitarists use the barre chord for fretting, but Jimi Hendrix had a unique style and only made use of his bare thumb. He was an active guitar player and a great mentor for other guitarists. He had a tragic death in 1970, further increasing his popularity in the guitar and music world.

Jimmy Page – Led Zepplin

Jimmy Page - Led Zepplin

Jimmi Page is a renowned guitarist and songwriter who joined one of the most influential music bands, Led Zeppelin. He was also seen playing the guitar with a cello now. His music mainly comprised hard rock and played electric blue with different acoustics. Page and his crew also sold over 200 million copies of their famous albums.

Whole Lotta Love and Good Times Bad Times- Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton was considered the number two in Rolling Stone’s greatest Guitarist of all time. He started his musical guitar journey in the 1960s when he collaborated with bands like the Bluesbreakers, the Yardbirds, and the Cream.

Very soon, he left the bands behind to pursue his passion for poetic ballads and a passion for rock music. His best-selling song was ‘tears in Heaven’ which was sold over 2.8 million times in the US.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

She is considered the Godmother of the Rock and Roll genre who introduced the gospel rock genre and sowed the seeds for many future musicians. She mainly worked on jazz and blues tunes and was also the first gospel artist to be featured in the Deccan Records, despite all the public disapproval she faced.

5 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All Times

Metal Vocalists

Thrash and heavy metal are the genres that have taken the world by storm. People are going crazy over trash metal songs which are an amalgam of intense emotions and beats. Thanks to the local, national and international artists who have introduced this genre to the world. Although many are around the corner, it is only possible to remember some names in the music industry.

This article will provide a walkthrough on the giver greatest metal vocalists of all time.

Maynard James Keenan

Maynard James Keenan

Maynard is many things other than a vocalist- A farmer, writer, BJJ enthusiast, prankster, and avid philosopher. MKJ has portrayed his talent to the world by working on some of the best musical forays like A Perfect Circle, Tool, and Puscifer. He has also done many cameos with big names in the industry, like Rage Against the Machine and Beyond, Deftones, and many others, which have emotionally touched the audience’s hearts. Every song of his in this genre has only turned heads and created a testament to new and varied standards.

Mike Patton

Popularly known as the man of a thousand voices, Mike Patton has an excellent reason to achieve the name. His vocals have fine-tuning, which can be used for evil whispers, agro roaring, squeaking, maniacal babbling, buttery-sweet crooning, and many other unimaginable voices. Many votes have also said that this man can sing the opera and scream at the top of his lungs. Over this lifetime, he has also worked on various albums and videogame soundtracks. Some of his work include:

  • Faith no more
  • Mr. Bungle
  • Tomahawk
  • Dread cross, and many more

Bruce Dickinson

He is one of the popular faces and voices of British heavy metal. Dickinson is also considered an ageless frontman of Iron Maiden. He was diagnosed with severe cancer in the back of his tongue in 2015, after which he fully recovered and dived right back into the vocal game. His fans consider him a role model due to his music on stage and his ability to battle through life situations. He is now considered one of the fittest men in the metal genre, which can jump, run and dodge on multilevel platforms on stage and still does not budge a bit from his note.

Rob Halford

Rob Halford

There are very few things in this world that can be recognized just by listening to their sound of it. And according to his fans, Rob Halford’s voice is one among them. He is considered the Go of Metal, with a powerful and iconic voice that sounds like black leather.

Ronnie James Dio

We must mention the late and great James Dio to complete the list. He is an icon in singing and has sung various songs throughout his music career in different groups, which include Black Sabbath, Elf, Rainbow, and many others. He was called the best Metal singer and won e Golden Gods Award in 2010.

Best Albums of 21 Savage

Best Albums

21 Savage is a renowned rapper/singer and music writer who has gained worldwide popularity for his music.  He is famous for making music in many genres like hip hop, trap, gangster rap, and horror. He began his debut in 2012, and since then, his name has been announced many times in award functions and ceremonies. If you’re a fan of singers and looking for the best albums, this article is for you!


Savage Mode

According to many critics, this album, released in 2016, is one of the best mixtapes of 21 savage, which introduced him to the limelight and the attention he receives today. It was also considered one of the best underground releases, which inspired all music artists and rap lovers. However, the singer has known a life of nothing but violence. His fans thank the Metro Bloomin production, which helped them gain access to this wonderful masterpiece from 21 Savage.

Savage Mode II

This album is a worthy opponent of its very own album, which gave the hip-hop world a drastic turn with the introduction of this album in 2020. However, it offers ruthless entertainment with the golden collaboration with Metro Boomin, which works on different levels for the listeners. According to critics, they have created the perfect equal, which craves its distinctive identity.

Without Warning

This is another collaboration between Metro Boomin and 21 Savage, released in 2017. It provides a perfect balance of lyrics, music composition, and the general way it is sung to keep all the listeners hooked to their seats. This mixed tape was released on Halloween eve. It was also recorded as the most enjoyable song in 2017, which kept no listeners behind.

I am > I was

This is one of the most-heard songs and the most loved album of 21 savages thus far. In the album, he portrays himself as a mature person who attempted to reconcile with his personal and musical side, which is portrayed to the world. 21 Savage is the second most promising rapper in Atlanta, who proved his worth with the release of this solo album in 2018.

Free Guwop

Although not so popular, it is still worth a mention in the list as it also sets different levels on how music should be made and perceived in this musical world. This album was released in 2015, and according to statistics, his songs have seen a massive increase in the standard and the quality of lyrics.

Free Guwop

Slaughter king

The album’s top three songs: Lord Forgive me, Wow, and No Peace is, among the best-rated ones from the album, which gained the right amount of popularity after the slaughter tape released in 2015. Overall, it is a good attempt at the early introduction of rap to the world.

Best Love Songs to Add to Your Romance Playlist

Romance Playlist

Love and romantic songs provide a different feeling of joy and oneness, which is challenging to fetch for in other songs. From ballads to metal, although the evaluation of music has grown to a great extent, people still prefer listening to classic love songs to improve their mood.

If you are looking for the best love songs to add to your playlist, this article contains the list.

This magic moment – Drifters

It is a great song that stands out from the lot, written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman. It is a glorious cinematic song comprising lovely shots of a first kiss, a great screenplay, and beautiful swirling strings.

Ellie Goulding

Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding

The song is co-written by Max Martin and Tove Lo, a Swedish singer who, along with singer Ellie Goulding created this addicting masterpiece in 2015. It became a love anthem in many parts of the world. The distinctive, shallow voice, followed by scenes from The Fifty Shades of Grey, set a new standard to love and romantic songs.

Unchained Melody –Righteous Brothers

It is a mushy song with corny trappings and emotional manipulation, which makes perfect sense when it touches the listeners’ ears. The song has received massive positive feedback, and people worldwide have made this their caller’s tunes.

Slow Show – The National

This band is best known for creating pieces with extensional emotions of anxiety, which means they’re miles away from creating lovey-dovey songs. However, Slow Show is a track from the 2007 Boxer album that adds a sensual touch to their song and makes it highly romantic. The video shows Frontman Matt Berninger waiting for his soulmate and identification with simple precision, who he has been waiting for 29 years.

Let’s stay together – Al Green.

This is a 1971 song that articulates the vows of marriage. The song is sung by Al Green which gives it wings to fly higher and touch the vast extension of love. The song was a soo given a new lease of life when it was featured in Pulp Fiction. Barak Obama also sang it in 2012 at a fundraiser event.

God only Knows – Beach Boys

This song is an inspiration from the 1963 song by Phil Secot called Be my baby. Apparently, he kept listening to the song on repeat 100 times. Precisely three years down the lane, the Beach Boys created this masterpiece to surpass the former. Since its release, it has been considered a classic curveball with a fantastic transformation into its romantic verse.

Something – Beatles

It was the first song written by George Harrison as a Beatles single. He rightly captured the triumph of infatuation, which quickly became the second most covered song of the Beatles and gained worldwide popularity post its release.

The Best Albums of 2022

Best Albums

After the long two years of the pandemic, it was becoming quite uneasy for people to go to theatres for watching films. However, after the suspension of the rules and regulations of masks and sanitisers, it can be believed that film releases this year are creating more optimism than the last dreadful year. Meanwhile, there are some albums which have become popular in recent times are listed chronologically according to their release date:

Canadian songwriter

Weekend Dawn FM

The songs of the Canadian songwriter the Weekend have a refreshing, aesthetic kind of refined flavor which sometimes seems a mixture of John Carpenter and A.Graham along with the blending of hip hop and elements of the modern genre. It depicts or underscores the mindset of helplessness and the journey of life through different phases. There are emotions which have been depicted and eventually depicted by black-veiled figures. In the song, there is a description that Weekend reaches for a white light which though resembles stairs, but suddenly it transforms into the lights over a nightclub which clearly indicates the narrator’s state of mind. The Weekend actually described the concept of purgatory through this album. There are four singles that are released on this album.

FKA Twigs, Caprisongs

Caprisongs is a song sung by the debut singer in the mix tape FKA Twigs and it was recorded during the isolation and solitude period of the pandemic. But it was released on 14th January 2022 and this is considered as a complete shift from her previous works and a move into the experimental genre. The album talks about the delightful story of rebirth which is found as a sharp contrast to her previous melancholic album. The name of the album is named after the pun on a popular drink and her astrological connection with the Capricorn sun.

Earl Sweatshirt, SICK!

The American rapper Earl sweatshirt has come up with her fourth studio album called Sick! And it was released on 14th January 2022. There were collaborations in the album with Zelooperz and Armand Hammer and consists of ten songs. It was being recorded in the initial phase of the pandemic and got its successive position during lockdown across the globe. Each and every song of the album comes with uniqueness and a dense piece of work. The song prominently portrays the problem between the perseverance as well as the frustrations during the struggling phase of the Covid 19 pandemic. This album has also received widespread acclaim from critics for the uniqueness of depicting isolation.

Beach House, Once Twice Melody

American pop singer duo Beach House has released the third chapter of the eighth studio album Once Twice Melody. Once twice Melody was released on 18th February 2022. The album has made proper use of an 85-minute run time to take the listeners to a surrealistic world with scenes of lovers. The song produces a fusion of pop and indie-rock jams for the first time.

To conclude, these were some of the few true songs, which in terms of subject matter and uniqueness were purely refreshment to the listeners.

Top Savage Albums

Born in Plaistow, London Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, popularly known as 21 Savage started his career as an artist with ‘Picky’ his solo that was released in 2014. With the establishment of Slaughtergang with his Atlanta rapper and pal Lotto Savage, he officially started his career and became rap royalty within a few years.

The success story of this two-time Grammy nominee starts from the streets. In his lyrics, we could get a glimpse of his turbulent past that gives authenticity to his works. After the release of his mix tape in 2015, he got the opportunity to collaborate with the producer Metro Boomin in 2016 and got international attention with its singles X and No heart. Along with this, he was also able to guest feature on Drake’s single ‘Sneaking’ which enhanced his profile and boosted his popularity. With his debut album ‘Issa’, 2017, which featured Future and Cardi B, he was able to make it to the number 2 position on the billboard 200, making him more famous.

If you are wondering why Savage is so popular, you may listen to these albums to understand the reason. You may check the albums that are listed below to find top savage albums.

Issa Album

His first album Issa Album was realized in 2017 and was able to stick to the number 2 position on Billboard 200 and has received many positive reviews from critics. This is one such album that is trying to balance between the newfound fame and the real him and his rootedness. Even though we could see the pain or gruesomeness that has become an undertone of all the savage production, this song is struggling to put his pain and emotions into words.

I am> I was

He is trying to forget his pain with money and is revealing the freedom that this newfound money has given him. The tracks like “Bank account”, “Dead People”, and “Money Convo” are all acknowledging his newfound fame. As the debut album, even though it was lacking in many ways, the uniqueness and rawness of the album make it one of the best albums.

I am> I was

Even though the album was realized in 2018, when he was still a sophomore, it is still considered to be one of his best albums. Released after nearly one and half years of the debut of his first album Issa album,  this album gained a lot of attention as it featured numerous artists like J. Cole and Childish Gambino.

The title of the album, I was> I was is saying that I am greater than I was and it’s about how he improved himself. The opening track of the album “a lot” is a contemplation about the murder of his little brother and how it has affected his psychology. The album can be said to depict his traumatic past and his rebellious nature as seen in the song “break da law”. The other songs in the track like “letter 2 my momma”, “good day”, “all of my friends” and other irresistible tracks made 21 savages a rising star.

Listen to these albums of savage to learn why he is one of the most promising rappers that we have seen till now.

SAVAGE MESSIAH Debut “The Bitter Truth”

Bitter Truth

People who are not familiar with metal music, might not be familiar with Savage Messiah. This is an English heavy metal band that was formed in 2007 in London by the lead vocalist and guitarist Dave Silver. They came to the world of metal with their debut album Spitting venom which got a lot of positive feedback from the critics. From then on the band has embodied the real spirit of heavy metal in every album and has sucked the soul of all the legends of metal masters. This is even more evident in the band’s fifth album Demon.

The Demons are one such album of the band that delivers the fans a fresh new sound that will infect their ears and capture their heart. One thing that makes the album much different from their previous work is that it is produced by David Castillo who is known for his work with metals like Opeth and Soilwork.

What makes the album much special is that there is a personal undertone in the work. Dave Silver says that the album is very special to the band as it is reminiscing the works that they have done in the past and how they were very much sure that they will be able to take the band to new heights. The title of the album ‘Demons’ is pointing toward the story of the band. It is showing the challenges they face to pursue their career and goals. Through the album, the band is showing their struggle to capture the internal and external demons that discourage them and drown them in despair.


Through Demons, Silver and his bandmates are trying to take the band in a new direction. Their doubts, insecurities, growth, and maturing are listed in the album, making the album more personal than any other songs they have ever made. The album is a reflection of the worries and challenges that they faced in their career.

They have changed their approach completely by coming up with eleven high-quality tracks that gave them the winning formula. The album opens with “Virtual Signal” which sets the mode for the entire album. This track is followed by “what Dreams May Come” and “Heretic in the Modern World” which is followed by “Parachute”. Even though the band has maintained their rhythmic section, through these tracks Silver was able to showcase the melody of his vocals.

Other tracks in the album, like “Down and Out” and “The Lights Are Going Out” show another side of the band as we could see a touch of metal balladry. The intricate guitar work that is intertwined with the melody shows the development of the band. But if you are thinking that the band has changed its style, then you are completely wrong. The next track of the album “The Bitter Truth” again picks up the pace and gives you a wild ecstasy. The wonderful catchy chorus, its frantic pace, extremely speedy guitar, and amazing track will make everyone go berserk. The change in the pace of the songs shows the varied emotions and different facets that each of the band members possesses. So, listen and add all these tracks of Savage Messiah to your collection to get a  taste of heavy, trashy metal songs.

The Greatest Heavy Metal Bands of All Time

Metal Bands

Are you a devoted metal fan? Do you want to know which are the best heavy metal bands of all time? But as we all have different tastes in music, we will have different opinions on which one is the best. But you can look into this guide to learn about some of the greatest heavy metal bands. Listen to their vibrant music if you have missed any of these.

From old school and 2000s to the latest ones, you can find the best heavy metal bands of all time in this list.

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

Considered the pioneer of Heavy metal music, Black Sabbath was founded in 1968 by Tony Iommi, the main guitarist and songwriter along with drummer Bill Ward, lyricist Geezer Butler, and singer Ozzy Osbourne. With the release of Black Sabbath, the debut studio album in 1970, Paranoid, and the Master of Reality, the band has revolutionized the genre of heavy metal. The band was distinguished by their occult themes which make them different from other bands. Even though in 1979, they pushed out their leading singer, they introduced Ronnie James Dio through their iconic work Heaven and hell. There are many heavy metal bands, but still, this iconic band holds the number one position in the list.


One thing that Metallica fans are consistent about is complaining. They complained about the video ‘one’ that the brand created in 1989. When the band made their huge hit “Enter Sandman”, the fans went crazy. But when they shaved their head and added a photo of semen on the cover, the fans turned angry. Again in 2003, they changed the sound of the drums, making their fans go crazy. But what makes the band iconic is how they respond to all these complaints and responses. They went on with recording an album with Lou Reed which even they know that their hard-core fans will hate. The band has always done what they want whether the fans liked it or not. This confidence and vibrancy of the band made it one of a kind.



Metallica was indeed one of the most popular rock bands for all metal fans back in the eighties and nineties. But for the metal fans who felt that Metallica was not rocking enough, Pantera was the band for them. But this limited audience grew as they released Cowboys from Hell and became a global phenomenon as they released Vulgar Display of Power. Even though the band split up due to the tension between the band members and later the lead guitarist Dimebag was killed onstage by a deranged fan, Pantera remains one of the most famous heavy metal bands of all time.

If you are new to the world of heavy metal, be ready to fall in love with heavy metal music with these three legendary bands.

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